By definition, wanderlust is: “a great desire to travel and rove about.” It’s this desire that most often consumes me. While I’ve always felt this way, even as a kid, I think my five weeks in Spain in 2010, encouraged this desire even more. And, even though I love the lovely snow of Northeast Ohio, I can’t help but long for Spain, or really anywhere new that I could explore, experience, learn…

And with all of this present, I’m also reading a book called Grounded, by Seth Stevenson. I’m a little more than halfway through, but from the first chapter, an ache to travel started stirring in me. The author and his wife begin their journey in the U.S., and travel all over the world without ever leaving the ground. It’s such a fantastic idea, that you don’t really experience the journey if you’re reaching your destination by traveling miles above the earth. For now, I can only dream of traveling to these places, but I really don’t think this desire will ever die.

While I have several books resting beside my bed, I really want to read The Alchemist, and The Pilgrimage by Paulo Coelho as both are about Spain, and the latter is about El Camino de Santiago, which I long to travel someday. If I go nowhere else, I want to spend some time on that journey.




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