Changes All Around

It’s been eight months since my last blog. Clearly I’m not very committed to this blog thing. I really want to be. But intentions are wholly different than taking action. So here I am, taking action. Even if it means writing about silly things. I believe my main problem is I over think the question, “Why blog?” and I end up not blogging because it seems like a waste of time, just rambling about life, etc. But I like blogging. I like writing. I’m still searching for my niche in the blogging world.

I was looking back at my blogs from January and realizing that a lot of what I hoped to accomplish this year has happened. Resolutions, or perhaps aspirations is more appropriate. I have worked full-time for almost nine months now, and I’m very excited to be starting a new position in the next week or so (with the same company) that involves my passions/interests/degree. This change is something SUPER exciting for me this autumn, especially considering one year ago, I was working three-ish part-time jobs in various capacities including the movie theatre I worked at for four years, subbing at a before/after school day care, ending work for the Indians and starting a seasonal position at Pottery Barn. Looking back, the only reason I could handle that schedule was CLEARLY because of iCal; thank you, Apple.

I’ve also picked up my violin a couple of times in the past months. I found out I can still play. Not fantastically, but it’s something I would like to keep up with and perhaps attempt to play weekly.

I’ve almost completed the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Very, very excited for that development in my literary pursuits. I am also reading World War Z in order to feed my zombie fascination. Next I plan to read The Great Gatsby (somehow my public schooling never forced me to read this?) and Perks of Being a Wallflower, both with the intention of seeing the movies. However, I intended to read these previously anyway, ahem. I even have a plan beyond that to read The Hobbit before it comes out in December (let’s not even talk about how they’re making it into three parts) as well as On The Road. As I write this, I realize these are all going to be movies. But I really wanted to read all of these anyway, so I just see this timing as opportune.

I am also grateful for opportunities to try different restaurants in the Cleveland area including a couple in the Tremont area as well as Ohio City. Love those areas so much. For those that look down on native Clevelanders so sadly, they really don’t know what they’re missing. We have some GREAT stuff going on in the CLE including those areas as well as pretty decent concert venues (in my opinion), an AWESOME Metroparks, and various events taking place throughout the year.

Another change coming up soon (I hope), is that I will finally be moving out, on my own. Of course I lived “on my own” in college, but that was also college housing. I am excited to start searching for somewhere to live in the area in the coming months. I’m also seeking a roommate, so hopefully, someone will find me. 🙂

Lastly, but not least important, I’ve been in a relationship for a little over a year now. And for me, that’s just crazy!  I never thought I would be here, one year ago.

The only thing I would desperately like to change (which I have blogged about in excess) is the opportunity to travel. I would love to take a trip abroad sometime in the next year, as well as explore a couple other areas of this country. Some destinations I am hoping to pursue: somewhere in California, perhaps San Francisco, Seattle, WA, Portland, OR, somewhere in Texas, and Boston, MA. All places I’ve been wanting to go to, but have not been able to. I love visiting NYC and Chicago to visit my cousin and my sister, however I want to expand beyond those territories. However, I’m still hoping/planning to visit both of those places in the next few months, so we’ll see where my travels take me in the next year.

Well, that’s all for now!  Not major changes to many perhaps, but those are my ventures, however small. Hopefully blog sooner rather than later.



ImageFrom one adventure in the Cleveland Metroparks!

ImageChillin’ in Ohio City. 🙂

ImageOhio City again!