The Highs and Lows of Life as a Type One

While I’ve mentioned it in passing, I haven’t posted a blog specifically about the disease I’ve lived with for almost 12 years. Some days (or most days) it’s just a part of me, something I accept and work to take care of the best that I can. Other days, I have that momentary panic that even if I take care of myself, that something bad will happen. Like oh say…vision loss, kidney failure, etc. YEAH. This is life as a Type 1 diabetic. Continue reading


Social Media Validation

Whether we’re aware of it or not, everyone desires validation. It may come in the form of friendship, a relationship. It may come from your career or faith. Regardless of the source, every person that I have encountered will reveal this subtly or not so subtly. I’ve often thought about not only the satisfaction, but sense of approval my generation (myself included) seems to receive through social media and wanted to not only post my thoughts, but hopefully get some responses on your thoughts, yes, you. Continue reading

Another One Down…The Great Gatsby

Great Gatsby

I’ve mentioned in previous posts that I was never required to read The Great Gatsby in school, and therefore, I never read it in my adolescence. Of course, due to the movie coming out (awhile ago now), I wanted to read it before seeing it. SO I’m excited to say that I can cross another book off my list for 2013. But as accomplished as I might feel, I still have eight more to read in just six months…we’ll see how this goes. Continue reading

I Want to Be One of the Mad Ones: My Journey Through On The Road

On The Road

It seems I consistently post inconsistently. I’d prefer to blog more frequently, but I think as almost anyone would say, I find myself lacking the time. However, I now have a pressing reason to blog, that is, I have finally completed a book from the list, Reading In 2013. And with that, I would like to state that this is not a review, but rather the impression the book left on me, as any book should. Continue reading

Cleaning Out the Clutter


Every so often, this feeling sneaks up on me and I want to clean out EVERYTHING. It comes over me when putting laundry away and I have the urge to start cleaning out all of the clothes I no longer wear. It happens when I’m staring at Facebook and think, I’m not really friends with this person…delete. delete. delete. I don’t think anyone is so tidy that they never have clutter to clean, whether it’s from your closet, computer, car or life. Continue reading

Letting Go and Moving Forward

Having graduated from college almost two years ago, I look back and remember having different hopes and dreams from those I have now. Perhaps the difference is that I’ve let many of them all but slip away due to the typical 9-5 existence and the duty of paying off my mounds of student loan debt. It’s overwhelming and more than I can bear many days, and I know that there are MANY young adults in my shoes. Continue reading

Losing & Grieving

I want to write this post for anyone who has lost a pet. And not just a pet, but your best friend and companion. I’ve lost pets before and unfortunately they were all pretty traumatic. Velvet was no different. The first kitty I lost was Cally when she was only 3 years old. I found her under a bed, already gone. To my 12 year old self, I was devastated as having a calico cat was something I wanted so badly. She was one of the sweetest cats. Then almost 7 years later came Muffin, our sweet yellow lab who got sick very suddenly and we had to put her to sleep. And nearly a year ago, we lost another cat, Casey, who also died suddenly. Continue reading

Introvert Stigma

I call myself an extroverted introvert. I realize this sounds like an oxymoron, but let me explain. I have often been referred to as quiet, sweet…shy-by people who don’t know me very well. Those things might be true, but for anyone who really knows me there are extremely different adjectives they might use…quirky, sarcastic or snarky to name a few. The way I perceive myself is that I am an introvert by nature-I’ve been shy since I was a child. However, throughout high school and college I slowly gained a confidence about myself and found that I’m not as shy as I thought. Continue reading

Falling In Love With Pinterest?

I would first like to say that I had no interest in Pinterest. I had no “pinterest.” Okay, sorry for that. Anyway, I didn’t understand it, I assumed it was a passing phase…and now it is one of the most popular websites on the internet. Oops.

My cousin told me to join a handful of times and I’m pretty sure it took me months. So I joined, followed a few people and made a few boards. That was a month or two ago I believe and I didn’t really pay attention for awhile. So now I’m occasionally perusing Pinterest and exploring how to use this social media visual feast. Continue reading